Bell’arte Salzburg

Ensemble für Alte Musik


Seventeenth Century Christmas Eve

Werke von Buxtehude, Tunder, Schmelzer, Biber, Fux, Rosenmüller, Schild, Reichhard, Böddecker, Leuttner, Pal Esterhazy und Aufschnaiter
910 078 Winter&Winter (2001)
Die Weihnachtsbotschaft bringt die schwedische Sopranistin Susanne Rydén gemeinsam mit dem Ensemble Bell’arte Salzburg nahe. Festliche Vertonungen bedeutender liturgischer Texte beleuchten die Weihnachtsgeschichte, Pastorellen und Anklänge an die Musik der Hirten ergänzt das stimmungsvolle Programm in dem überwiegend Ersteinspielungen zu Gehör kommen.
Zum Weihnachtsfest
„Die vielleicht schönste Weihnachtsplatte dieses Jahres ist dem Label Winter&Winter zu verdanken. Die Sopranistin Susanne Ryden und das Ensemble Bell’arte Salzburg beschenken uns am "Christmas Eve" mit Arien aus dem 17. Jahrhundert von Komponisten, wo Buxtehude, Schmelzer und Fux noch die bekannteren sind. Aber auch Franz Tunder, Benedikt Anton Aufschnaiter und Philipp Friedrich Böddecker haben Musik geschrieben, die durchaus einmal als Abwechslung zu Altmeister Bach dienen kann. In historischer Aufführungspraxis wunderbar musiziert und hervorragend aufgenommen ist es eine willkommene Bereicherung im Bereich der Alten Musik.”
Fono Forum, Dezember 2001
Music for the Christmas Season
„Performance: ***** (extraordinary)
sonics: ***** (extraordinary)
This attractively packaged CD, distributed by Allegro imports, offers thirteen beautiful baroque selections thats together recount story of Christmas. Composed in various parts of Germany in the 17th century, the works are performed by the giften Swedish soprano Susanne Ryden and baroque Violinist Annegret Siedel's fine Bell’arte Salzburg original instrument ensemble. Beginning with Dietrich Buxtehude's setting of a text from the gospel according to John, the CD includes vocal and orchestral music by Rosenmüller, Schmelzer, Schildt ond others. Most of the pieces are engagingly lyrical; there is little of the knock-me overvirtuosic writing, that distinguishes much composition from the baroque period. For the record, Susanne Ryden has a winning, clear soprano voice, that she employs with consummate easy and skill. The results, when backed and interspersed with instrumental playing of the first rank, make for a delightful listening experience. Hihgly recommended”
Music Reviews, USA 30.November 2001, J.Serenius
„It would be churlish of a record company with a name like Winter & Winter not to put out a Christmas disc. But Munich-based Winter & Winter is not churlish and has issued an excellent recording entitled SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY CHRISTMAS EVE. It does pretty much what it says on the box, presenting Christmas tunes by Buxtehude and Biber plus a host of other composers I wish I knew more about: Schmelzer, Fux, Tunder, Reichwein, Aufschnaiter etc. Bell’arte Salzburg is a lively, intelligent band, joined on most tracks by Susanne Rydén, a soprano with a crystal-pure voice whose light vibrato is extremely attractive. The product is a པ bit recording with no processing', the audio equivalent of a free-range turkey, and sounds as clean and healthy as it ought to.”
BBC Music Magazine, UK, Dezember 2001
„A stylishly performed musical stocking filled with unexpected seasonal delights. The performances are enjoyable and stylish. The instrumental playing shows involvement and warmth, though the latter is undermined by a somewhat unlovely recorded sound, while Susanne Rydéns singing is a treat, technically secure, beguiling of timbre and never failing to convey an apt sense of innocence and joy. Despite a few signs of hurried recording, this is a good buy, and not just for christmas.”
Gramophone, UK 1.12.2001, L.Kemp